Hi, I’m Kartik Mehta. An IT Professional, Blogger & Technical Trainer.

New Technologies are evolving very fast; the number of innovations done is far more than in the last decade. One decade back, we were all On-Premise, then came cloud computing, and now we’re seeing the rise of AI, machine learning, IoT, Blockchain technology etc. It’s clear that the rate of change is only going to continue to increase in the years ahead. So not only does It become very challenging for end users to adopt it, but also for technical people to enhance their skills with new evolving technology. This blogging site is my attempt to give some technical insight into these new technologies.

I have launched this blog site to cover most of the technical subjects that are relevant in the present and futuristic.

The series of blog posts in this blogging site will provide you with insights into some of the most innovative technologies around. Whether you’re a tech expert or a complete novice, there’s something here for everyone

I hope you will like the content of each topic, and if it helps in enhance your knowledge of the topic in the smallest way will be a great satisfaction to me


Kartik Mehta is from humble middle class family. From the childhood has big dreams to do some innovative things in life which helps his country India to grow and prosper. He has preferred to build his carrier in IT. Has around 21 years of experience in IT. He has inherited from his family love for Indian culture and he feels deeply connected with it.


Kartik Mehta has over 21 years of experience in Information and Technology.

He has started his career in Computer hardware and managing and deploying the Novel Netware server. From there, he has worked on multiple projects across various technologies like Messaging and collaboration, IAM, Security and Compliance, Device Engineering, and Virtualization.

He has also evaluated many products and worked on New and emerging technologies like Augmented reality.

He began his career as a Support Engineer and then seven years as a Technical Architect. He is now working as a Solution Architect for End User Computing from last eight years.

As a Solution Architect in a leading IT company, Kartik Mehta has built multiple solutions on O365, Cloud Computing, Messaging and collaboration, Identity and Access Management, Digital Workspace, and Modern Device Management.

Kartik wants to learn new technology across all domains; hence, he has gained good knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and programming languages like C, VB and PowerShell scripting.


Kartik Mehta has a multiple area of Interest. He is found of learning new technology. He is also very much inspired by culture of India his homeland. He is found of travelling to different part of India and world learn different culture, history of different places and understand the people. 


This blogging site Kartik Mehta has created to blog on below topics
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