Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO Marketing? The Comprehensive Guide for 2024

The internet is a digital platform where millions of websites compete for attention. Imagine your website is a hidden gem, a fantastic boutique with unique offerings in a charming alleyway. Sadly, it’s getting lost in the crowd amidst the online hustle and bustle. How do you lure shoppers to discover your treasures? That’s where the magic of SEO marketing (search engine optimization) steps in. SEO (search engine optimization) is your digital spotlight. It’s the secret technique that helps your website shine brightly in search results like Google and Bing. Think

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Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 For Beginners: The Complete Guide

In the digital economy, data is the legal tender. It is the currency of transaction. Since the advent of tools that help to sample and present data concisely and insightfully, data has now become the premise of marketing strategies deployed in today’s business world. Success in business is now largely dependent on data-driven marketing. Proper utilization of data has been shown to produce results of unimaginable magnitude. The existence of data collection tools makes this a reality. These tools provide an avenue for seamless collection of data on the interactions

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The Top 6 Google Analytics Reports Every Business Needs in 2022

Analyzing your website for things to improve can be challenging. Between SEO, conversions and traffic, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, Google Analytics reports offer detailed insight into your website so you can make informed decisions to improve its performance. This guide will go through the six reports in Google Analytics that every business needs in 2021. These include the mobile overview, website speed, goals, channels, navigation summary, and landing pages. What is a Google Analytics report? Google Analytics reports are a powerful tool to view and track a collection

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Beginners: The Complete Guide (2022)

Using Google Analytics for beginners to understand how your website is performing is crucial to making changes. But it can be hard to understand what to track and how to install the tool, so it properly works. Fortunately, this guide will get you there. In today’s post, we’ll be going through what is Google Analytics, why it’s important, how to add it to your WordPress website and the top five reports that you should pay attention to first. We’ll also take a quick look at Analytics 360– Google’s analytics tool

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Add website to Google search

Advantage of adding website to google search console In today’s competitive world its become very essential to have your own website for all kind of businesses be it Startup, small household business or MSME, to reach out to massess and promote and sell your product or services. Once you create your website it is very essential to make your website to be able to search on Serach engine. Google is most widely used search engine in world. This article will give you the step by step detail understanding on adding

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