How to stop Windows 11 update

How to Stop Windows 11 Update: The Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of Windows 11 updates interrupting your workflow or causing unexpected issues on your system? If so, you’re not alone. Many users seek ways to gain more control over the update process in Windows 11. Whether you’re looking to temporarily put the updates on halt, prevent them permanently,

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Take a screenshot in Windows 11

How to Take Screenshot in Windows 11: The Complete Guide

In the dynamic technological landscape, taking screenshots is crucial for every user. With the latest Windows 11 update, capturing your screen has become simpler and more efficient, boasting several enhancements and new features compared to its predecessor, Windows 10. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore seven different methods on how

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Windows 11 screen record

How to Screen Record on Windows 11: Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wanted how to record a screen on Windows 11 to create a tutorial video to help a friend use a program? Or record your gaming exploits to share online. How to screen record in Windows 11? Screen recording allows you to capture video of your Windows 11

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AI Examples

Top 15 Examples of Artificial Intelligence: You Should Know in 2024

Science fiction can be held responsible for introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our lives. However, it has surpassed the boundaries of fiction and become today’s reality, transforming multiple industries and fundamentally altering human experiences. AI’s new and varied uses across various sectors are getting harder to keep track of and

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Windows 11 Restart

How to Restart Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Have you ever wondered how to give your computer a fresh start, just like hitting the reset button? Restarting your Windows 11 PC is like a digital clean-up, removing unnecessary files and giving your computer a quick refresh. When restarting Windows 11, understanding the proper procedures is essential for a

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Outlook Recall Message

How to Recall an Email in Outlook 2021

We’ve all been there – hastily clicking “send” on an email, only to instantly regret it. It can be a disaster if you send the wrong email to someone, have someone typing it, or send some sensitive data to the wrong person or recipient. Fortunately, Outlook offers native features to

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Top IoT Companies 2024

Have you ever wondered how many devices are connected to the internet? According to some estimates, there are over 35 billion IoT devices worldwide, which is expected to grow to 75 billion by 2025. That’s more than ten devices for every person on the planet! But what exactly is IoT,

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Blockchain Scalability

What is Blockchain Scalability: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Welcome to the fascinating world of “what is blockchain scalability”! As blockchain technology evolves and revolutionizes various sectors, scalability remains critical to its growth and competitiveness. It’s the golden thread that weaves through every blockchain network’s performance, its ability to handle an increasing volume of transactions, and its potential to

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Cybersecurity Compliance

What Is Cyber Security Compliance? A Comprehensive Guide

As technology continues to evolve, the need for top-tier cyber security implementations will be essential to protect against the hundreds of cyber attacks targeted against businesses each year. That is why it’s unsurprising to see how nearly 66% of cybersecurity companies expect their spending to be driven by security compliance mandates

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Cyber Security Student

How to Start a Career in Cyber Security in 2024

Pursuing a career in cyber security can be one of the best career paths in the foreseeable future. The number of jobs compared to qualified candidates is at an all-time low, making demand. As this already booming cyber industry continues to grow, more specialized roles emerge, giving you multiple career

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15 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) in Tourism Enhancing Travel Experience

As tourists, we seek out novel experiences to regale our friends with cocktails, but between subpar hotel WiFi and losing maps, technology hampers more than helps. Yet, Augmented reality may change everything. From avoiding long ticket lines with mobile passes to unearthing hidden history with smartphone tours, this blog post

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Smart Light

The Best Smart Lights for 2024: To Illuminate Your Home

Welcome to a world where light is not just a necessity but a customizable, dynamic experience. Imagine the perfect ambiance at your fingertips, where each bulb, strip, or panel becomes a brushstroke of light. In our quest to provide you with the best smart lights for 2024, we’ve handpicked the

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Cyber security best practices

The Top 15 Cyber Security Best Practices for 2024

When it comes to launching cyber attacks, small businesses are an attractive prey in the eyes of hackers. In fact, according to strongdm, 46% of all cyber breaches come from businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Many small businesses make the mistake of believing that their operations are far too

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Business people and AI robots working together

AI in Business Pioneering Change and Transformation

In recent times, the business landscape has undergone significant changes thanks to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business and its amazing features that are very helpful. We have seen the computers evolve from room-sized 1st Generation ones to the pocket-sized 5th Generation. Each Generation has boosted the potential

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